Vivagogy has been having some very interesting and enthusiastic meetings with various parties in Liverpool, UK.
Heading the talks has been School Improvement Liverpool’s Malik Killen who is inspired as we are about making ‘a paradigm shift in learning for the Liverpool area’.

The aim is to create an edigogy hub in the greater Liverpool area including partners from The Liverpool Promise which is delivered under The Liverpool Learning Partnership. It seeks to build relationships between all parties to create better opportunities for the people of Liverpool by attracting companies to the area, creating jobs, new learning initiatives and a new skill base for the area.

This links directly with our key aims and the research we have drawn from the most successful project of its kind in the world: Leerpark in Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Holland.

We are excited to be helping to build this project from the ground up, making our new learning theories the foundation of flexible learning paths, teacher training and online learning environments, making the path from education through learning into employment as smooth and efficient as possible.
In short, we aim to balance the employment needs of the local labour market with the supply of education including revolutionary life and work skills programmes.