About us

Our vision is to:

‘Put smiles on people’s faces by creating a global competency system which will allow each person to reach their global potential.

By measuring competencies acquired quantitively we will show companies how to put their investment in people’s competency  gains on to their balance sheets.’

Our mission is to:

Create a radical shift in business and society towards a fairer, more democratic society by:

  • Increasing a person’s self-worth by measuring all forms of learning to help people to learn Transversal Competencies 
  • Facilitating business to cope with the fast changes of 4IR
  • Helping businesses to recruit, train and manage people by creating, developing, and measuring their competencies and adding that intangible asset to their balance sheet
  • Creating a ‘good index’ rewarding sustainable business behaviour with financial benefits 
  • By creating a global competency platform for an individual’s micro-credentials and company ESG intangibles in The Blockchain.

What does Vivagogy mean?

The word Vivagogy is composed of Viva meaning life and long, and Gogy meaning leading, guiding promoting and stimulatingsupporting learning for life.

Our story

By pure coincidence, three people who were deemed to have ‘failed’ at school, Wim Froon, Chris Heron and Steve Cushing met in France.

In fact, like many talented, creative and rebellious people they only ‘achieved’ once they had left the school environment, ironically two of them becoming teachers!

They share a belief that the world needs to become a fairer place and that a new learning model which could measure people holistically and promote life-long learning would alter society’s economic drivers and make societal shifts to change a failing education system.

After three years of research and testing, they have arrived at an innovative and disruptive solution.

Wim, Chris and Steve believe the answer is to measure informal learning which people are using to acquire skills quickly.

By changing the way we measure people and giving them access to the tools and data to improve themselves by developing the right competencies for the current and future workplace, The Skills Gap is solved and the supply and demand of the labour market balanced.


fluidDatamodelling is a completely new way of measuring and tracking all forms of learning, including informal learning and competency acquisition in micro-detail.

fluidDatamodelling disrupts many current technologies and processes, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Assessment
  • Learning
  • Performance development
  • Measurement of ESG (economic, social and governance), company performance indicators.

With a socially beneficial business model linked to NGOs working in underdeveloped economies, Vivagogy is committed to spreading the benefits of our business model to help disenfranchised people worldwide.

Our team

Wim Froon

Wim Froon

Chairman - 'Mover & shaker' Co Founder

At the age of 6 years, Wim wanted to create a knowledge exchange process, from seniors to juniors. He has had to wait until retirement to achieve this. Leaving school at 16 he was completely self-taught when he went alone to the US in 1978 to discover the world. By the age of 28, he was managing six hundred staff. Then as CEO of INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL from 1988-2002, he managed global development in 65 countries with more than 1,600 employees. Now he’s using his global management experience, knowledge of finance and his passion for creating communities for learning and social development, to improve the world.
Chris Heron

Chris Heron

CEO - 'Catalyst' Founder

Chris is a passionate edreformer and teacher of 12 years. School lost interest for him at 16 and thanks to a rugby career he was lucky to find an understanding company that employed him! 13 years ago he wanted to become involved in e-learning and to understand learning better he qualified as a teacher, eventually lecturing in business studies and economics at a business school in Cambridge, UK.

The mix of his entrepreneurship, business and divergent thinking skills, knowledge of e-learning and technology, and his education background make him the ideal disrupter in the ed-tech sector!

Steve Cushing

Steve Cushing

'Learning guru' Co Founder

Steve is an addicted lifelong learner, author, teacher, education consultant, and DJ. With over 800 education books published, Steve has been involved in writing curriculum, assessment programs and educational TV programs around the world and has more recently been designing and developing cross-platform educational Apps and assessment materials. He is also an acknowledged expert in test psychometrics and test validity, currently working as a consultant to regulatory authorities and formerly a Chief Examiner and Chair of Examiners.  He has worked on large-scale projects on assessment, skills development, and curriculum development in the UK, USA, Malaysia, Chile, Bermuda, Romania and Gibraltar.
Leonie McIlvenny

Leonie McIlvenny

'Research Queen'

Leonie has been an educator for over 30 years. Initially, a primary school teacher, then teacher librarian Leonie has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary education systems. As a library advisor and a curriculum consultant, Leonie travelled throughout Western Australian providing guidance to schools in library management, information literacy, and curriculum development. She was a research assistant at Curtin University as part of the Teaching Teachers for the Future national project and lectured in Learning Technologies and Scientific Inquiry. She was awarded the 2015 WA Teacher Librarian of the Year and was named in the Educator Magazine’s 2015 Hot List of top educators.
Ken Yeadon

Ken Yeadon

'Technical Founder and free fall guru'

Ken is a keen skydiver and can often be seen throwing himself out of perfectly good aeroplanes. He is CEO of our software development partner Thematic Networks Ltd, who provide a framework for the development of bespoke online collaborative business community platforms. Ken graduated in Economics from Nottingham and has a Finance MBA from Cass Business School. Formerly, Ken was with HSBC in a number of senior trading management roles, most recently as Head of E-Trading, and Head of Trading and Sales for the Asia-Pacific region, before starting Thematic Capital Partners, where he has incubated several successful software start-ups.
Jeff Howson

Jeff Howson

'Ed Tech expert'

Jeff is a creative education leader who believes in opportunities for all and the power of education technology to transform education ecosystems. After 35 years in education as a teacher, senior leader, senior examiner, advisor and consultant, Jeff has worked in the public and commercial sectors on regional, national and international initiatives. This includes the Building Schools for the Future Programme, creating Academies and Free Schools, University Technology Colleges and Studio Schools. He has been central in the development of many national and international programmes involving ICT, including content development, curriculum development, change management and the use of data analytics.
Randy Vermaas

Randy Vermaas

'EduTech Guru'

Randy is one of the leading experts and developers in the field of e-learning. He started off as a school teacher, where his passion for bringing together technological innovation, educational design and business implementation was born. During his 14 years long career he has worked on many major projects for large organisations such as Shell, ESOT, KNGF and the Dutch judiciary continuously creating the best and most sustainable E-Learning solutions possible. In spare time his curious mind enjoys wandering through scientific books and researching new cutting-edge technologies. Like all our members he is a Millennial at heart and true advocate of lifelong learning.
Holly Davidson

Holly Davidson

'People Coach'

Holly has worked in international human resources for more than 25 years, holding positions both as a consultant (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young) and as an in-house practitioner (Fidelity Investments, Seagate Technologies). She holds BA and MSM degrees in International Business & Economics. After relocating nine times in fifteen years, she settled in the UK in 2007. Holly has a particular affinity for start-up/merger & acquisition projects with experience across Europe and northern Africa. She is passionate about coaching and team development. On weekends, she can be found either supporting her favourite Premier League team or exhibiting her work at a local artisan market.

Our culture is fluidculture

We are a modern, innovative, and disruptive company and we have designed our own culture – fluidCulture.

As Steve Jobs said we ‘think differently’ and we admire others who do because ‘you are the ones who change the world.’

He also said ‘ We employ smart people, not to tell them what to do, but for them to tell us what to do.’

So that’s what we are about – making the world a better and fairer place, putting smiles on people’s faces and empowering our team to contribute to creating new ideas and having fun.

We understand that we are only effective if our team takes on the challenge of owning and developing the idea which the founders have created.

We are an holocracy so our structure is flat and informal, creative and different. It demands a lot but gives each person the complete power to innovate and create.

To this end, we work on a project basis and remotely, with a distributed team in the UK, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, USA, and Australia.

We value motivation, skills, and passion more than academic qualifications.

We have no ideal person but we value these qualities:

  • Passion
  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Humour
  • Motivation
  • Compassion
  • Global awareness.

……and most importantly the desire to continually learn, improve, do your best and enjoy overcoming problems.

If you like the sound of this culture, contact us and we will be very happy to hear why you would like to help us. But remember to read everything on this site, including the research and all our posts, as we expect you to understand what we are before you contact us!  OK?

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