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What is the Difference between Teaching and Learning?

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught.” (Oscar Wilde)

The present education system fails because it continues to focus on practices that served well in the industrial model but are now obsolete.

Traditional education focuses on teaching not learning with a misguided assumption that whatever a teacher teaches, a student will learn.

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The Problems with School

Thanks to Next School for the video The Answer is 42 or is it? I have been writing about the problems with education for more than three years. When I first started posting people thought I was completely wrong - now three years later much of the world accepts there...

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The death of the learning management system (LMS), formal education, and training

July 17 2017 Written by Chris Heron and Steve Cushing Vivagogy and the Education Revolution   Three years ago a good friend of mine, and established e-learning guru, Kasper Spiro of Easygenerator, predicted the “death of the LMS.”   I read the article with interest...

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Your college degree is useless

With thanks to Isaac Moorehouse Praxis That's a pretty strong statement to make and perhaps it is not surprising that the man making it is the CEO of a west coast computer software company, Praxis.  When you read the article below heretical as is it seems to be it...

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Cisco – The Learning Society

'Learning is critical to the future of our world and yet our current education systems are facing unprecedented challenges. I believe that the effectiveness of how the world achieves genuine lifelong learning is reliant, to a substantial degree, on how well we harness...

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A New Conversation – The 157 Group

  'As a nation, we need economic growth to assure our future prosperity, but employers across the country persistently report that progress is held back because of skills shortages and gaps. Employers cannot exploit the bene ts of the economic upturn without a...

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