Blockchain Credentialling

The Blockchain and learning

The Blockchain for most people is “Bitcoin” and cryptocurrencies.

But it is a much more disruptive element and will undoubtedly change the world as we know it.

In the next few years, we will see  changes in established processes in areas like finance, government, entertainment, online security, social networking and education.

Currently, there are a number of projects in higher education by MIT, The Open University and others which are looking at using the blockchain for digital badging and credentialing. They see the blockchain as a way of transferring certification online immutably and contributing to the CV and employment process by guaranteeing the authenticity of the qualification.

We think this is the first simple application of this technology.

We intend to use The Blockchain to hold the personal learning journeys of our users. The data therein will be their learning DNA represented as units of micro-skills, competencies, traits which are drawn from our mygogy database.

The resultant data will be secure and immutable with all the benefits of this unique technology producing a living skill and competence portfolio of the whole person which will replace paper certification and CVs and make recruitment more efficient.

This application will change the education world unimaginably!