A Global Blockchain Competency Index

A Global Marketplace for Competencies

By creating a trading index for individual competencies we will enable a direct recruitment process which is controlled by the individual.

The value of their competencies will be independently assessed against global labour markets to balance supply and demand and produced in a trusted statement to replace CVs.

People will know their worth and be able to identify which competencies are most in demand. They will be able to acquire the competencies they do not have through targeted learning opportunities, both formal and informal, and have the results of this learning recorded automatically and dynamically as micro-credentials.

Companies will save about 70% on recruitment costs and will be profiled to enable a transparent view of their cultures which means that the holistic fit between the employee and the company is measured as well as competencies.

Companies will also be able to dynamically manage culture and the ESG (economic, social and governance), ‘intangibles’ and display the value of their ‘good’ cultures.

The outputs of these measurements and competency trading will be delivered in the Blockchain and competencies could be traded as a cryptocurrency. 

 The Blockchain

The Blockchain for most people is “Bitcoin” and cryptocurrencies.

But it is a much more disruptive element than that and will undoubtedly change the world as we know it.

We are now seeing changes in supply chains and established processes in areas like finance, government, entertainment, online security, social networking. Why not  and assessment, learning, qualifications and employment.

We aim to lead that change in learning, management and recruitment by developing a distributed, trusted index for people’s competencies and qualfications.