ediGogy skills hubs

What is an ediGogy skills hub?

Note: This video was shot at Leerpark and refers to People Communicate which has now been integrated into Vivagogy. The project with Normandy is current. Chris Heron is now the CEO of Vivagogy, Max Hoefeijzers is a consultant.

ediGogy Hubs are post-16 learning and skills ‘clusters’. In these skills hubs, we bring together a technological, pedagogical and physical system to solve the skills gap and balance the fast-changing supply and demand needs of the labour market.

They are ‘glocal’ private-public partnerships which bring new competencies for the workplace to employers who need them. ediGogy hubs use a unique way of learning called fluidLearning which is specifically designed for post-millennial students and focused on job-based experiential learning.

Our online fluidLearning uses fluidDatamodelling which blends online and offline experiences producing for the first time an unobtrusive individual learningFlow for each student based on their own goals, interests and speed of progress.

Assessment is measured as competencies and human traits in the background and can be aligned with each company’s needs for a particular job function and even the culture of each company.

In addition, other assessment matrices can be added as formal learning accreditation. The whole system is delivered in a sophisticated, secure social learning environment which can also be a recruitment and training portal for each organisation.

Overview of Edigogy Linking

The ediGogy cloud-based system links together all the above and those below;

  • The training centre
  • Local or national employers and their content
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Local schools and communities
  • Lifelong learning
  • Career guidance for local schools


The Leerpark solution solved their local Skills Gap and produced local economic growth by developing localities as specialist skills clusters.

It is based on an existing exemplar of more than ten years called Leerpark in Holland (seen in the above video), which has just received an innovation award for post 16 vocational skills training.

It has produced the following results

  • 2,000 students per year in post 16 vocational training courses
  • 10-year track record
  • 97 % employment record
  • A self-funded development of 200m euros
  • A 3% student dropout rate
  • Has become the preferred local source of employee recruitment
  • Created a unique pedagogical model
  • Stimulated property investment and development
  • Developed a successful public-private partnership

We are in discussions with groups in France, and the UK to build ediGogy Skills Hubs.