ediGogy skills hubs

Leerpark a Case Study 

The Leerpark solution solved a Skills Gap in Rotterdam and produced local economic growth by developing specialist skills clusters. Leerpark has been our model and proof of concept.

It is based on an existing exemplar of more than ten years which has just received an innovation award for post 16 vocational skills training.

It has produced the following results

  • 2,000 students per year in post 16 vocational training courses
  • 10-year track record
  • 97 % employment record
  • A self-funded development of 200m euros
  • A 3% student dropout rate
  • Has become the preferred local source of employee recruitment
  • Created a unique pedagogical model
  • Stimulated property investment and development
  • Developed a successful public-private partnership

We are in discussions with groups in France, and the UK to build ediGogy Skills Hubs.