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We studied Leerpark and were involved with its development at the beginning.

We have the competencies and experience to replicate this model in a more up to date and a scalable way in other countries.

What has been proven by Leerpark is that introducing a skills improver will create a radical inclusive growth model. 

Application of this model will help to:

  • create an inclusive growth economy
  • close the Skills Gap by balancing the supply of education to the demands of the labour market
  • create a more productive, responsive and efficient relationship between education providers and employers using innovative technologies and new methodologies
  • create courses and programmes that are more interesting, relevant and practical for learners and employers
  • allow teachers to operate more effectively and efficiently
  • create a micro-assessment of skills and a measurement of the whole person, making recruitment more productive and reliable
  • guarantee a job for each learner who successfully completes a course
  • Integrate new pedagogies and learning and assessment systems in order to make learning scalable, efficient and relevant for the teacher and learner.

How are we going to do it?

We will look for partners to:

  • develop new education, training and apprenticeship models which we call ediGogy skills hubs;
  • allow interested parties to monitor the development of our model;
  • disseminate the knowledge we gain and the models we develop with partners who have similar aspirations and goals;
  • combine these separate initiatives to produce better, overall solutions.

How is what we are doing differently?

We know we have the complete solution of a successful physical working model which we have refined and developed over the last three years into:

  • an online system which engages learners in a new way, allowing them to create their own individual learning pathways
  • a new way of assessing learning, both in terms of competencies and the whole person
  • a new process to connect employers and learners, including existing employees
  • a new business model to fund learning
  • a way for organisations to integrate their needs and training content into apprenticeship training, talent management, recruitment and performance development;
  • a way to map assessments and outcomes to any existing qualifications frameworks, in real time or retrospectively
  • a way to build a career development pathway from school to the workplace.

Why do we think it will work?

We don’t think it will work – we know it works and we know how!

What sort of partners are we looking for?

What we want:

  • people who accept there is a problem
  • partners and support people who are looking for solutions to the problem.

What we don’t want:

  • to engage in further debate about whether or not there is a problem – the time for that is finished
  • to get tied up in or slowed down by red tape – we will create business models which self-fund, leaving us with the ability to operate independently.

We know that there is a problem.  No one has produced a successful solution except the one, single model which we have found and studied extensively. 

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