Consultancy For Software And Learning

Generic Software

The developments and discoveries which we have made in fluidDatamodelling can be used not just in learning, education and recruitment. 

The generic intelligent information organism can be adapted to any sector of industry where the need is to intelligently interpret data on a mass scale in micro detail to see and forecast trends in any scenrio, which nowadays is pretty much every sector.

We can see applications in fintech, marketing, government, law, property, transport systems, medicine, education, and investment. 


Software for Learning

Formal learning, or education, is struggling to cope with the current fast-changing demands of society and business.

Transversal competencies are now law, (EU April 2018) and are being adopted globally. They will be in the common curriculum in most countries within two years. The outcome is to create a common competence language to better measure transferable employability skills.

We aim to support these changes physically by working with existing organisations and build new ones. 

Our consultancy services enable the success of the Leerpark to be replicated. 

Our learning communities – ediGogy Skills Hubs – are a completely different way of constructing learning to create local economic inclusive growth models.

They are independent (though not necessarily private), as we favour public-private partnerships between investors, property developers, local government, and industry.

We create or adapt existing technical colleges with our unique pedagogy and software to produce competency measurements that employers understand and value.

This ‘mixed model’ of stakeholder investors has been proven to work. Leerpark is a revolutionary education model in Holland which has developed successfully over the past ten years.  In 2018, Leerpark won an EU Vocational Training Innovation Award for its successful and innovative approach to education and learning.