Business Consultancy – fluidCulture

Both internal and external business environments are changing at record pace.  It’s necessary in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace to be able to respond fast.  

We need to be ‘fluid’ in our systems and cultures to be responsive. It is why small entrepreneurial companies can gain traction and compete with more established businesses.

So, maintaining or reverting to the successful components of a ‘startup culture’ is increasingly relevant.

Market leaders have forgotten their startup roots and replaced creativity with process and process-driven organisations are not responsive to changes.   

There are many symptoms of problems created by conflict between a fluid, fast-changing environment and rigid cultures and systems on businesses:

  • increased competition
  • reducing turnover and profit
  • unhappy people
  • pressurised leaders
  • staff churn
  • difficulty recruiting 
  • stress on the brand and business models.

Inert systems, structures and beliefs can no longer adapt quickly enough.  Looking backwards for solutions to problems creates “Active Inertia” – in other words, doing things which are ineffective based on historic ideas and systems.

A ‘fluid’ system is what we now need.

fluidCulture is our response to this issue based on our own experiences and ideas coping with these stresses.  It is made up of the following components: 

  • fluidCulture – the representation of a modern fluid culture, where people feel part of the team and are constantly learning in order to suit the needs of their jobs and the business’s strategy – creating creativity and the ability to solve problems
  • fluidProcess – the process underpinning the workflows which sustains a fluidCulture
  • fluidProject – the modular components of fluidCulture and fluidProcess. Everything is run as a project – this is a startup culture but can be plugged in to a larger organisation. 

fluidCulture is software agnostic.  It is not the software which is important; it is the way people behave and think.

fluidCulture, few things are set and new ideas can be created and adopted quickly.  They flex with time and flatten organisational structures make everyone a ‘doer’. This creates independent, happy people who are constantly solving problems because they deeply understand the close connection between goals, strategies and challenges.  

The three components of fluidCulture work together, but control is not lost.  Creativity, teamwork and great energy become the norm.  Accountability is to the team and oneself and the ‘bywords’ are transparency and honesty.

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Education Consultancy – ediGogy

The fast-changing environment impacts learning, particularly formal learning, or education more than even business.

Education is unable to keep up with this pace of change.  Individuals instead are turning to ‘guerrilla’ learning and finding what they need to learn, wherever they can.  Business is looking to education to help equip people with the general Transversal Competencies they have identified, but this is not happening. 

Transversal Competencies are now law in the EU (April 2018) and are being adopted globally.  They will be in the common curriculum in most countries within two years.  The outcome will be the creation of a common competence language to better measure transferable employability skills.

However, there is a major problem.  

Across the 32 countries that have adopted these competencies, the finding is that they are not just another subject on the curriculum.  Rather, they are a process, not an outcome.  Formal learning cannot measure process.

We are supporting education and business training in this important area by:

  • helping them to incorporate and measure Transversal Competencies 
  • mapping the new competencies to the existing curriculum and the workplace
  • explaining the outcomes to students and producing a portfolio of competencies for each student
  • helping students align these competencies to future career choices
  • producing students ready for the workplace
  • insuring that the existing workforce and can train faster. 


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