mygogy the software solution

The mygogy learning operating system enables all the stakeholders in the process of education to employment to come together and share and contribute to one system. It is the paradigm shift in learning which everyone has been searching for because it allows each learner to create their own learning paths dynamically.

mygogy maps the formal and informal learning process allowing them to be combined seamlessly online and within a formal physical environment. It effectively allows measurement by formal and existing learning frameworks within an informal, flexible and incidental learning environment with individual assessment, learning paths, ‘the holy grail of education’.

It is provided in a social learning environment for individual learners but company and education organisation portals can also be created meaning that learning is only controlled by the organisation portals.

The measurement will be held in a blockchain offering independent certification of all skills at a deep level for everyone globally.

Most of the tools and services are free of charge to learners and teachers but charges are made for large organisations portals and specific tools for recruitment, culture change, performance management and education management.


  • Prior Learning Tool – measure prior and informal learning in terms of competencies
  • Personalised Learningflow Tool – find suitable learning content to improve their skills
  • CV Building Tool – easily build a CV of competencies against jobs and informal experience and match to job specifications
  • Personal Skills Portfolio Tool – measure and keep a record of the skills in a secure personal portfolio
  • Career Planning Tool – plot their own career goals and find job


  • Curriculum and Content Mapping Tool – find the right content for lessons
  • Student Tracking Tool – find gaps in students’ knowledge, track formal and informal learning whilst not diverging from the curriculum
  • Personal Skills Portfolio Tool – map learning to job skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Employability Skills Tool – build employability skills, within existing tasks


  • Recruitment Tool – Reduce the cost of recruiting by tracking candidates and matching them more accurately to job competencies
  • Competency Mapping Tool – Map job competencies more accurately to formal and informal learning
  • Performance Development Tool – Measure job performance to competencies, training needs and corporate objectives which creates a learner-centric training programme, dynamic feedback and learning society
  • Training Tool – Increases ROI on training by producing and selecting better materials to produce better training more suited to millennials


  • Curriculum and Content Mapping Tool – Reduce administration and map content better to national curriculum objectives
  • Personalised Learning Tool – Create personal learning paths for each student for the first time, create and use informal learning and track skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Student and Teacher Management – Produce more motivated teachers and students, reduce the burden on teachers and allow them to be more creative
  • Employability Skills –  teach current employability skills easily within the existing curriculum