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‘Understanding the complete person and their potential’

Understanding is critical to solving the problems in The Skills Gap and making education understandable to ‘millennials’ because it is the mastery learning skill and it is not possible to achieve understanding consistently in our current education system!

Understanding is achieved by experiencing something first-hand and this means that the teaching and assessment process is complex and not manageable in the way we do things now. ‘Millennials’ can only learn by experiencing something directly.

Vivagogy understands Understanding! We have designed and are building a complex online social learning operating system for capturing the data for all learning formal and informal which means for the first time we can deliver personalised fluidLearning, assess and manage it. It is a system which can deliver Understanding and measure the potential or indviduals.


Competencies are the proficiencies developed through training or experience. A skill is a thing you can do. It’s the basis of “I can do” statements and it is demonstrated and assessed easily in formal learning.

There is a fine line between competencies, skills and abilities. Abilities are the qualities of “being able to do” something. The differentiator is whether the thing in question was learned or innate. If a student has an innate skill it is called natural ability.


Knowledge is information acquired.  Knowledge is theoretical and competencies are more practical. Knowledge is knowing about something without necessarily being able to do it. It is the area that has most radically changed with internet usage which puts knowledge in the hands of everyone although they may not know how to make use of this knowledge.

Knowledge assumes an ability to perform fast, reliable, retrieval of facts and information. The teacher was considered the ‘font of all knowledge’ or the ‘sage on the stage’ with encyclopaedias and other reference books the ‘go to place’ for all information. The internet has, however, changed this reality now as most students believe that ‘everything can be found on the net’. This has dramatically changed the attitude towards traditional teachers and teaching and the acquisition of knowledge.


Understanding is the highest level of the three competencies and requires both Skills and Knowledge. It is sometimes referred to as higher order thinking.

Understanding requires an insight where not only the concept but its parallel practical applications make perfect sense. One can have knowledge and skills without having understanding.

Understanding requires the contemplation of intention as well as the method of application and the alternatives including its non-application.  It requires a much deeper insight.

Understanding is often acquired without teaching and can be born of experience, or alternative thinking styles and is the result therefore of experiential learning. S+K+E (experience) =U or Understanding. It is often acquired through what is called “informal learning” although “informal learning” can be structured into a formal learning process.

We support organisations wishing to make the change to education 3.0 and modern management practices through our education and business consultancy, edigogy system and the mygogy online software platform.

We help people and organisations create Understanding