What we do

‘The profiling and measurement of people and companies to enable both to reach their full potential’

By creating a common language and a deeply granular profile of people and organisations we can improve learning, recruitment and management to the benefit of all stakeholders and society in general.

Changing pedagogy and assessment in learning

Understanding in learning is critical to solving the problems of The Skills Gap and making learning understandable to ‘millennials’ because it is the mastery learning skill. It is not possible to achieve Understanding consistently in our current education system!

Changing Business Behaviour

Understanding in business is mission critical to business and solving The Skills Gap. It is achieved by measuring company culture and performance as an entity in a different way with deep and objective analysis of corporate social responsibility, the culture in relations to all stakeholders, human capital and it’s improvement in a dynamic holistic system. Our systems will allow measurements never provided before like the capital value of people in human and financial terms.

Allowing people to reach their full potential

Understanding of and by individuals is also essential to all the worlds problems. Because education is failing in its responsibility to allow people to learn the right competencies for life and the workplace we are creating a mass of disconnected people.

Many of those who pass successfully through the system are not able to perform in companies as the companies would want. The waste is enormous including the attrition rate of teachers who are also trying to operate honourably in an underfunded malfunctioning system in which they simply cannot perform in the way they want.

Vivagogy understands Understanding! We have designed and are building a complex online social learning operating system for capturing the data for all learning and the behaviour or people and groups of people which means for the first time we can deliver personalised fluidLearning and assess and manage it. This means we can also measure company performance individually and collectively including the so-called ‘intangible data’ which is now so important to management, investment decisions as well as recruitment.

We are deeply committed to a different world – a world in which people can reach their full potential regardless of gender, race, religion or social position.

We will do this by forcing ‘the system’ to become fairer by confronting inequitable systems and proving them to be so. We have a business model that can change education, assessment, recruitment and the way people and companies performance is measured.

fluidDatamodelling redefines the way we look at learning, assessment and profiling of data

We help people and organisations create Understanding.