Transversal Competencies

Why We Need To Measure Transversal Competencies 

Education is not meeting the needs of society today and people are learning informally to remedy this.

Due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the speed of change in business and society is happening too fast for education to keep up.

21c education needs to equip learners with the skills they need for a career that may span as many as twenty jobs in their working lives – subject knowledge and remembering facts is not enough any more.

It is the ability to continually update yourself that is needed to change jobs so often.

Transversal Competencies 

Transversal Competencies are the desired transferable ones needed in business today which cross over all job boundaries.

They are the mastery competencies which are not acquired in the current curriculum but which education is striving to measure and incorporate to equip people for the current workplace. They are often now learned informally but we have no way of measuring them.

Why Do Businesses Need Transversal Competencies?

Businesses are grappling with new ways of solving the Skills Gap which is not finding enough people with the right skills.

Companies need to find the right people to expand and they also need their existing workforce to learn new skills fast enough to maintain business growth.

There is no common currency for measuring skills and competencies, this is what Transversal Competencies addresses.

Organisations are trying to do this but do not have the data to understand the Transversal Competencies which are now commonly agreed to drive performance and workforce development.

Our systems will allow measurements never provided before which will solve these problems and value people’s increased in human and financial asset terms. The data we gather can also measure company performance.

The so-called ‘intangible data’ which is so important for investment and sustainable measurements of ESG can be gathered and assessed in the same way as we measure people.

We are deeply committed to a different world – a world in which people can reach their full potential regardless of gender, race, religion or social position.

We have a business model that can change education, assessment, recruitment and the way people and companies performance is measured.

fluidDatamodelling redefines the way we look at learning, assessment and the profiling of data.