The physical solution - edigogy

Learning Communities

Our learning communities called edigogy hubs are based on a completely different way of constructing education and learning.They are independent though not necessarily private as we favour public-private partnerships between investors, property developers, local government, and industry.

This mixed model of stakeholder investors has been proven to work in a revolutionary education model in Holland which has developed successfully over the last ten years.


All are hubs will be based on our edigogy principles of

  • The Flipped Curriculum – learning skills rather than core subjects
  • 21c skills embedded in the learning content
  • Experiential learning in a student-centric learning environment
  • Blending physical and online learning using mygogy eco knowledge system
  • Personal learning paths based on the learner’s goals
  • Relationships with local industry and the local community
  • Sustainable developments where ecological buildings and creative business models contribute to the education model
  • Commercial sites on campus as well as housing and local facilities and resources

The first of these partnerships is with The Aspire Foundation and Kinetix Education with whom we plan to build edigogy hubs in 14 countries.