Differentiated learning paths integrating formal and informal learning and measuring the whole person

mygogy,  performgogy and edigogy


Our new psigogy philosophy creates truly differentiated learning based on formal, informal, incidental and experiential learning, measuring all forms of learning output and the whole person. It needs a new type of learning operating system and seamless integration between the physical and online learning environments.

Our edigogy consultancy teams will support the change in physical environments and organisations, education or business helping to manage the change process and either mygogy or performgogy.

A radical step equivalent to the difference between traditional physics and quantum physics, from which we have taken many of our theories.

The outcome is differentiated learning paths linked to blockchain credentialisation, measuring informal learning and supporting teachers, trainers and managers in converting from current outdated models to learning more suited to post-babyboomer generations.

In education, the mygogy learning operating system supports the existing traditional curriculum requirements in parallel with informal learning meaning traditional reporting and assessment can work with education 3.0 teaching and learning methodologies.

In business performgogy learning operating system helps business to manage a new type of social learning environment which records learning, experiences and competency acquisition dynamically, prompts learning and reports as needed for assessment and discussion automatically saving vast resources and providing a system which people use and like! Our recruitment and performance management tools will predict peoples and organisations potential as well as the current status. We will measure the potential of the whole person and the whole organisation.

The future is here!


The digital economy and fast-changing business environment demand not only lifelong learning but continual currently relevant learning content delivered individually to each learner. When products, services market trends, and consumer’s habits change each month product life cycles have been reduced to less that one year, the rate of knowledge obsolescence becomes a key determinant of what is relevant and useful knowledge.

47% of jobs will be new or disappear with the next 25 years according to Art Bilger Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Everyone needs to learn continually on the job to improve their own and company performance. They need always updated with diverse learning resources. They need to learn to improvise and experiment with real decisions within a constructive working environment applying learning to the decisions needed every day.

Traditional teaching and learning approaches are too slow for current times and are not suited to post-babyboomer generations of learners and new businesses cultures. Formal learning still relies on a long production process for content which is often outdated by the time it is produced.

mygogy supports the trends towards a more agile structure for learning and skills measurement. It can be used for both formal and informal learning, independently by learners or in conjunction with a formal or informal learning structure and assessment, offering more tools and flexibility, personalised learning and speed of feedback to teachers and learners.

edigogy is our new learning methodology which motivates students by making them the centre of the learning process giving them control of their own learning and goals and creates understanding as well as skills and knowledge.

Courses are called ‘learningFlows’. They create themselves around the needs of the individual learner dynamically using AI and merging formal and informal content,  experiential learning and real-life experiences all of which can be measured against the goals of learners, formal company or education assessment and retained in a personal dynamic skills portfolio. Organisation’s portals can also operate as intranets protecting information if required.

Both edigogy and mygogy integrate to form a 21c education system based soundly researched and evidenced research and on a successful Dutch case study of 10 years and more than 100,000 students.

This learning operating system and Vivagogy’s support services create a sustainable education model and beneficial social and economic environment.