The Fourth Industrial Revolution

4th Industrial Revolution – 4IR


McKinsey says that The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), is progressing 3,000 times faster than The First Industrial Revolution!

  • 47% of jobs will be new or disappear within the next 25 years according to Art Bilger Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania
  • McKinsey say 65% of children in primary education will be doing jobs that do not exist now
  • McKinsey estimated that the GDP of Tianjin was around $130 billion, making it around the same size as Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. By 2025, we estimate that the GDP of Tianjin will be around $625 billion—approximately that of all of Sweden.

Everyone needs to learn continually on the job to improve their own and company performance. They need always updated with diverse learning resources. They need to learn to improvise and experiment with real decisions within a constructive working environment applying learning to the decisions needed every day.

Traditional teaching and learning approaches are too slow for current times and are not suited to post-babyboomer generations of learners and new businesses cultures. Formal learning still relies on a long production process for content which is often outdated by the time it is produced.

  • myGogy supports the trends toward a more agile structure for learning and competency measurement. 
  • ediGogy is our new learning methodology which motivates students by making them the centre of the learning process giving them control of their own learning and goals.
  • performGogy is our in-organisation tools which produce dynamic performance measurement and improvement.


myGogy,  performGogy and ediGogy


fluidDatamodelling creates individual learning paths based on formal, informal, incidental and experiential learning. It is a new type of AIEd learning-operating system which creates a seamless integration between the physical and online learning environments and measuring all forms of learning output and the whole person. 

The outcome is differentiated learning paths linked to blockchain credentialisation, measuring informal learning in relation to Transversal Competencies and supporting teachers, trainers and managers in converting from current outdated models to learning more suited to post-babyboomer generations.

In education, the myGogy learning operating system supports the existing traditional curriculum requirements in parallel with informal learning meaning traditional reporting and assessment can work with education 3.0 teaching and learning methodologies.

In business performGogy learning operating system helps business to manage a new type of social learning environment which records learning, experiences and competency acquisition dynamically, prompts learning and reports as needed for assessment and discussion automatically saving vast resources and providing a system which people use and like! Our recruitment and performance management tools will predict peoples and organisations potential as well as the current status. We will measure the potential of the whole person and the whole organisation.