The software solution - mygogy

mygogy the software solution

The mygogy knowledge ecosystem enables all the stakeholders in the process of education to employment to come together and share and contribute in one system. More than e-learning though including elements of an LMS, it allows the creation of personal learning paths dynamically.

mygogy maps the formal and informal learning process allowing them to be combined seamlessly online and within a formal physical environment.

Although based on the individual, groups can be formed for the purposes of education and commercial organisations.

Most of the tools and services are free of charge to learners and teachers but charges are made for large organisations and recruitment functionality.


  • Plot their own career goals
  • Find suitable learning content to improve their skills
  • Measure and keep a record of the skills in a secure personal portfolio
  • Link their skills to the job market
  • Obtain dynamic data to adapt their personal learning paths
  • Understand how formal and informal education is contributing to their skills, knowledge and understanding, and career goals


  • Find the right content for lessons
  • Find gaps in students’ knowledge
  • Track informal learning
  • Align content to national curriculum standards
  • Map learning to job skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Relate content to student’s objectives
  • Create more student-centric learning
  • Show students what skills, knowledge, and understanding to acquire for the job market
  • Show students why they should be life-long learners


  • To recruit direct producing better results and saving cost
  • Map job competencies more accurately
  • Map job competencies to formal and informal learning
  • Map performance to job competencies, training needs and corporate objectives
  • Create a learner-centric training programme and learning society
  • Increase ROI on training by producing and selecting better materials


  • Reduce administration and map content better to national curriculum objectives
  • Use informal learning and track skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Produce more motivated teachers and students
  • Relate education to the job market
  • Reduce the burden on teachers and allow them to be more creative
  • Create personal learning paths for each student for the first time