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Finally a solution for a universal problem regarding our education systems that aren’t meeting the needs of students, teachers, employers and the wider society. They are very good at assessing skills and knowledge but not understanding, which means that generations of young people are unprepared for the real world and the competencies required right now, at this point in history.

Vivagogy is currently creating the building blocks for new adaptable education ecosystems, challenging the current status quo, that is innovative and sustainable and providing a natural continuum between education and the world of work in one lifelong process.

Vivagogy is a game changer for students, teachers and employers, where all can use a virtual platform (Mygogy) to access expertise, content, employment opportunities and a number of social tools for assessment, communication and collaboration.

Free for students and available on a variety of devices, in an increasing number of contexts, Mygogy will enable true Life Long Learning opportunities and empower developing relationships between all the key stakeholders in our education systems. Indeed, championing the potential of informal Learning, Vivagogy will enable new styles of learning and new lifelong opportunities for all.

Jeff Howson

Vivagogy has an exciting potential to allow individuals to both map out a personal learning profile and charter a learning path toward skills leading to job readiness. In my personal bias against current systems that lack a viable way to show informal learning, I think the most valuable piece will be the connection between informal and formal learning. I also think the communities that form through the edigogy arm of Vivagogy could be the learning powerhouses that power the individual profiles. As I’ve only seen and heard this at the conceptual level, I can’t wait to see the tools that become the virtual brick and mortar for the platform.”

Kim Hall

We are a startup looking for a partner who understood the true nature of Experiential Learning. Vivagogy.com was that partner for us!

The world is changing and in need of players willing to step forward and provide Competency Based Learning tools that create the reality of learning by managing the hands-on experience for everyone. We are a global knowledge society that must thrive on the experience of first-hand engagement. The Mckinsey Report (2012) is a prime indicator of challenges when educators believe the system is great, students say they do not get enough experience, and employees indicate they are not adequately prepared – who is right? With the edigogy methodology supported by the mygogy application will bring change to Competency-Based and Experiential Learning for decades. Moving theory into practice is a global competency we at Polestar Experiential Learning are embracing.

We are excited to engage our learners with innovation that will change and enhance their future, and grow businesses globally with Human Capital prepared to deliver on ever-changing needs.

We stand with Vivagogy!


Kevin A. Cojanu, President – Polestar Experiential Learning

Kevin Cojanu

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