Our solutions

Online and physical products based on a clear philosophy to personalise learning in an informal environment

mygogy, edigogy, businessgogy, workgogy and lifegogy

A physical and an online solution for current generations of employees and learners that are either complementary or an alternative to existing education, learning, training and management structures and processes. edigogy and mygogy can be operated independently or together to form a new way to teach, train, and learn.

Our new model for learning is based on experiential and informal learning, based on competency, knowledge, and understanding supported by an online learning operating system. mygogy seamlessly integrates physical and online learning environments and formal and informal learning and measuring competencies and other criteria. edigogy is the supporting learning and training concept backed by a consultancy team.

Businessgogy transforms the management, learning and development, and performance management of a company to suit current generations styles, traits, motivation and behaviour. It uses mygogy and edigogy in a business context

Our unique courses workgogy and lifegogy represent the competencies most sought by employers and not taught in traditional courses. These are courses and competencies will be certified by employers and will be the most important skills a learner can acquire for employability.

The future is here!

edigogy - social learning communities


edigogy is based on  learner-centered courses, employer engagement and flexibility.


Cisco, Docebo, Accenture, McKinsey and many others are convinced that new education and training models, based on different criteria, is required to satisfy society’s and business’s fast-changing appetite for competencies.

We have studied models all over the world and found only one that works, in The Netherlands. It is very different, with courses based on competency acquisition and we have adapted and improved this model with new innovations.


workgogy and lifegogy - 21c competencies

The Skills Gap exists because the skills or competencies required in the current workplace are not taught in formal education yet they are the most important employability skills in any and every job. workgogy and lifegogy enable anybody to acquire and understand these skills and to make their CV and application demand attention.

mygogy - learning operating system

mygogy facilitates life-long learning and learning communities. It’s a learning operating system which connects the learning to employment processes and is much more than a learning management system.

mygogy has a complex, intelligent structure to support the curation of personalised content, personalised online learning paths, curriculum and content management, formal assessment, competency and skills measurement, recruitment and talent management processes.

It’s the future for learning, teaching, recruitment, management and performance management!

businessgogy -21c business management skills

businessgogy supports managers and businesses to understand the needs and traits of Post-Baby Boomer employees. businessgogy is a business management philosophy, course and the tools to manage the critical areas of business in the context of new generations of employees and a fast changing business environment.