A Global Competency Index

Why Is A Global Competency Index Important?

The Curriculum Vitae Is Not Accurate

CVs are the only record we have of our competencies. They are historic, inaccurate and do not provide quantitative information.   

We are creating an online eco-system to link learning directly to Transversal Competencies making competency measurement dynamic, accurate and objective.

myGogy is our eco-system which provides individual learningFlows for each person measuring individual micro-competencies with AI and predicting how these will be applied in different situations in business or life.

The result will be a two-way view of how a candidate fits with a job and visa versa. The gap between the ideal and the optimum candidate is also quantifiable to show the learning ‘gap’ and relate that to learning content to bridge that divide.  


The Individual can:

  • Learning fast specific for themselves
  • Collect new competencies in a lifelong profile to use for career planning
  • Generate a CV  automatically in detail
  • Search for jobs and match competencies needed for a matching score.

The Employer can:

  • Reduce costs for recuitment and training
  • Connect learning to performance develpoment in real time
  • Create, measure and manage cultures
  • Measure transversal competencies
  • Motivate employees
  • Speed up learning to be competitive.

The Teacher can:

  • Become a learning facilitator
  • Achieve better results for  and motivation for students
  • Support individual learning
  • Assess all types of learning and the whole person
  • Relate learning to work skills and Transversal Competencies.

Assessment can:

  • Be holistic by measuring human traits, aspects of learning, and competencies
  • Measure Transversal Competencies
  • Measure all forms of learning in micro-detail
  • Help learners to understand assessments and relate them to competencies and job descriptions.

Education can:

  • Make the transformation to individual learning
  • Understand its relevance to the workplace 
  • Enable all learners to own their own learning outcomes, skills and qualifications
  • Deliver and assess Transversal Competencies.

Lifelong Learning can:

  • Become a reality by measuring all learning informally
  • Become cheaper and more accessible
  • Relate competencies and the job market
  • Be collected as competencies in a portfolio to support career progress
  • Help learners to find the right jobs.