Property Tokenisation

Crypto-backed Property Development and Investment

The tokenisation of property assets is not new. It has been accomplished with fractional ownership schemes, REITS and funds, and to an extent timeshare products.

Tokenisation is just a form of digital securitisation of assets. The main difference that technology enables is time, cost and data efficiencies.

The transactions of setting up the SPVs, funds etc., can now take a fraction of the time and the transactions can be done in real-time automatically.

The data collected can help with marketing, and the secondary market that is being developed will lead to greater liquidity. All of these factors will reduce friction in the marketplace.

Our Offering

  1. Financial, fiscal, business and legal advice to avoid errors.
  2. A platform for the investor and the property asset owner connected to a digitisation tool.
  3. Ability to split assets, usage and benefits into fractions and layers without losing control.
  4. Raise funds, sell property assets, create revenue from sales and letting and automate many processes, which save money and produce valuable data.

Offering a complete service with property experts, legal, banking, treasury, securitisation, marketing, technology support and operating with a full banking licence, makes us simply the complete property tokenisation service.