Using Quantum Management principles for technology and business systems

 What are we doing?


Quantum Management  

Quantum Management applies the laws of Quantum Physics to managing businesses today. It describes organisations in terms of living complex systems called Complex Adaptive Systems

Newton’s laws of physics defined the world and affected all our thinking for three hundred years. Quantum Theory has proved these laws wrong.

Our world is interconnected, unpredictable and fast-changing. ‘According to McKinsey (2018) [1] “compared with the First Industrial Revolution, we estimate that this change is happening 10 times faster and at 300 times the scale, or roughly 3,000 times the impact”. McKinsey

To adapt to fast-moving markets businesses need a fluid culture and to respond or even anticipate change instantly. They need to be self-organising adaptive units like a living organism. 

We create technology platforms using statistical dynamic assessment of data unobtrusively. We facilitate new models for recruitment, learning, training, competency assessment, and measuring intangible assets. 





Our Quantum Data Engine interprets data following quantum principles applied with the intelligent granular measurement of intangible assets with workflows.

We measure the process and not the outcome.

We do this in a highly secure encrypted platform within a set of human resources tools or using legacy software. The protection of individual identity within a GDPR-compliant framework is intrinsic. 

How are we doing it?

By building operating systems for business change that integrate all the stakeholders into sector-specific supply chains, we save cost, increase transparency, reduce friction and increase profits sustainably.

Total Societal Impact

Total Societal Impact (TSI) is built into all the business models because adopting TSI, in conjunction with TSR (Total Shareholder Return), is a way for business and finance to contribute to a more sustainable world with increased margins.

We show companies how to achieve the triple bottom line of increased profit, increased value and sustainable business models.


Organisation Culture and Learning

fluidCulture is a quantum management is tool to manage all activities, recruitment, project management and workflow, performance development, organisation culture and change management. By micro measuring performance throughout an organisation intangible assets can be added as value to the Balance Sheet. This leads to TSI measurements.

fluidCulture is a quantum management tool to manage all activities, recruitment, project management and workflow, performance development, organisation culture and change management. 

By micro-measuring performance throughout an organisation intangible assets can be to the Balance Sheet and TSI measured.


Total Societal Impact (TSI)

    The Boston Consulting Group found;


    Businesses incorporating TSR (Total Shareholder Return) and TSI (Total Societal Impact) did better in all respects.

    Investment in TSI/ESR investment is more than $23T.

    TSI is more encompassing than ESR which does not take into account human and sociological elements.

    TSI promotes more diverse market channels and supply chains, which are proven to perform better.

    The increase in value of companies using TSI and TSR was between 3% and 19%, depending on operating sectors.

    Using TSR and TSI creates a better and more profitable business which is more appealing to investors and consumers!

    Founders and Team

    Apart from the founders, we have a talented and committed team of people experienced in; Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Software Development, Information Systems, Property Assets, Learning and Skills, Company Culture, Securitisation of Assets, Finance and Investment and Environmental Technology.

    Steve Cushing

    Steve Cushing


    Steve is an addicted lifelong learner, author, teacher, education consultant, and DJ. With over 400 education books published, Steve has been involved in writing curriculum, assessment programs and educational TV programs around the world. Recently, he has been designing and developing QDE data engine.

    He is also an acknowledged expert in psychometrics and cognitive science, and he has worked on large-scale projects on assessment, skills development, and curriculum development in the UK, USA, and Gibraltar.

    His job title is ’42’ because he has the answer to everything!

    Christopher Heron

    Christopher Heron


    Chris is a passionate, ‘unicorn breeder’ and futurati who is fascinated by Quantum Physics.

    He lost interest in school at 16 but, thanks to a successful rugby career, he was lucky to find employment with some sports minded people in the travel industry!

    He learned his business skills practically by starting several successful businesses then becoming a university lecturer in a business school in Cambridge, UK. His mix of his divergent thinking and business skills, knowledge of technology make him a great disruptor.

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