Disruptive technologies to create a sustainable future now

Total Societal Impact

    Boston Consulting Group quantitatively assessing three hundred companies globally found;


    Those incorporating TSR (Total Shareholder Return) and TSI (Total Societal Impact) did better in all respects.

    Investment in TSI/ESR investment is more than $23T.

    TSI is more encompassing than ESR which does not take into account human and sociological elements.

    TSI promotes more diverse market channels and supply chains, which are proven to perform better.

    The valuation percentage increase of companies using TSI and TSR was between 3% and 19%, depending on operating sectors.

    Using TSR and TSI creates a better and more profitable business which is more appealing to investors and consumers!

    What are we doing?

    We have developed a business model, which we call EcoFinTech.

    We aim to create technology platforms and business models to change the way people think about society and their environment for the good of all.

    • Operating as an EcoFinTech company, we aim to balance the needs of the Ecosphere, the economy and the individual.
    • By disrupting, changing or, creating marketplaces that reward and promote  concerned global stakeholders by nurturing and protecting the mechanics of The Circular Economy.
    • Using a hybrid energy-efficient blockchain that is highly financially regulated, we can replace trusted intermediaries with a tokenisation engine and a neuroanalytics enhanced community platform using cryptocurrencies.

    How are we doing it?

    By building operating systems for business change integrating all the stakeholders into sector-specific supply chains, which save cost; increase transparency; and reduce friction and increase profits sustainably.

    Total Societal Impact (TSI) is built into all the business models because adopting TSI, in conjunction with TSR (Total Shareholder Return), is a way for business and finance to contribute to a more sustainable world with increased margins.

    BY advising companies how to the triple bottom line!

    The attitude pandemic consensus 

    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a general consensus that we need to change the way we live, individually and collectively.

    We are technology which does this by making savings and then redistributing the benefits for all.

    This is we are doing:

    • Business models are built into platforms, or ecosystems, which reduce the length of supply chains.
    • Organisations will be able to anticipate and react faster to market changes. ‘The competitive asset is people and how fast they learn.’ Boston Consulting Group.
    • People need to understand how to continuously adapt their competencies without charge.
    • Financial stakeholders need tools to measure intangible assets, social impact and financial data.
    • To be societal and climate action effective we need to move from ‘concessional’ social donations to ‘sustainable’ commercial investment.
    • We can do this with a rewards and benefits system with blockchain tokenisation and a cryptocurrency.


    Skills Gap

    We are building a Quantum Data Engine (QDE) to measure both people and businesses’ performances.

    Individuals will learn free and the results will be retained in competency profiles for use by companies when recruiting.


    We will be able to provide a total TSI picture for all stakeholders by gathering data, collating internal & external performance figures and providing real-time measurements of the social impact and financial data that will support better investment in this sector.


    Tokenising  property assets using cryptocurrency to tokenise property assets complying with government regulation changes all the dynamics of property development. The increased liquidity, lowers financial entry barriers, creating new classes of investors and revolutionises the way property is used.


    Our culture measurement tool is based on reintroducing a startup culture. It measures workflows in real-time and delivers, performance development, recruitment and by measuring the intangible assets such as people, changes the balance sheets of all businesses.

    Green Energy

    We have identified partners and technology to produce  biofuel and waste recycling plants around the world that will convert waste biomass into a clean, carbon-negative fuel and use waste plastic and other materials to reduce the carbon footprint of current building materials such as tarmac and concrete.

    Natural Assets

    We are creating a marketplace to monetise, reward and incentivise actions that will improve the biosphere and ecosphere.

    A finite value will be placed on natural assets, estimated through a series of measurements and analysis of the actions of individuals, companies and investors.


    We offer a clean front-end solution to build liquidity in natural assets and green technology markets by creating an asset-backed stable token, which can be independently audited through internationally recognised third-party registries.  Our chosen solution is more secure and uses less energy than any other.


    The distributed finance (DeFi) networks allows anyone one to participate in complex investment schemes.

    Our platform will be a trade and private/hybrid that will handle all banking transactions as well as investment apps and trade dashboards and transactions are completed quickly at a low cost.


    Wim Froon

    Wim Froon

    Property Guru

    At the age of 6, Wim wanted to create a knowledge exchange process, from seniors to juniors.

    He has had to wait until now to achieve this. He was completely self-taught, having left school at the age of 16 to go to the US in 1978 to discover the world. By the age of 28, he was managing six hundred staff.

    Then, as CEO of INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL from 1988-2002, he managed global development in 65 countries with  1,600 employees.

    Now he’s using his management experience, knowledge of finance and his passion for creating communities for learning and social development, to improve the world.

    Christopher Heron

    Christopher Heron


    Chris is a passionate, ‘unicorn breeder’ and futurati!

    He lost interest in school at 16 but, thanks to a successful rugby career, he was lucky to find employment!

    He learned his business skills practically by starting several successful businesses and becoming a university lecturer in a business school in Cambridge, UK.

    The mix of his divergent thinking skills and business skills, knowledge of technology make him a great disruptor.

    He is interested in disrupting markets with new technology to bring about a fairer world!

    Steve Cushing

    Steve Cushing


    Steve is an addicted lifelong learner, author, teacher, education consultant, and DJ. With over 400 education books published, Steve has been involved in writing curriculum, assessment programs and educational TV programs around the world. Recently, he has been designing and developing QDE, our data engine.

    He is also an acknowledged expert in psychometrics and cognitive science, and he has worked on large-scale projects on assessment, skills development, and curriculum development in the UK, USA, and Gibraltar.

    His job title is ’42’ because he is the answer to everything!


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