Skills & Learning

People and Business Performance Monitoring & Analysis

We are all affected by the speed of change, or hyperchange. Events are changing so fast that our systems cannot keep up.

With economic changes affecting the job market, big skills gaps are appearing, where there are jobs available but not the people with the skills to meet them.

These delays cause unemployment, business losses and economic damage. More than 30% of the worlds’ labour force needs retraining now.

Formal learning just takes too long. We need JIT (Just in Time) learning both on the job and available to us individually. Like a ‘Fitbit for learning’.

It should assess what skills we have and match these to our current job and show us what we will need for the opportunities coming up.

We are building such a system.

It will be an online platform free of charge for all individuals to use and commercial licences for businesses.

,It will assess competencies in real-time by questioning you and build a live skills profile you can use for job applications. We will be able, eventually, to match you against job opportunities.

Companies will be able to measure recruits, use the tools as a performance development and training tool, and ultimately assess their intangible assets, including people.