Within 10 years, 45% of today’s jobs will be changed by automation, with millions of new jobs created.

 We need to allow people to learn new skills faster and then find the right jobs.


People are turning to informal learning – ‘As for young people, the system is not working for most of them, either.  55% of youth feel that their education does not adequately prepare them for work.’ (McKinsey 2012).


Business needs the right culture to compete – NOW – ‘If you don’t have a strong or appealing company culture, you’re going to start losing the recruiting war—and fast.’ (USA Forbes 2017).


Businesses cannot find the people they need – ‘A lack of talent adaptability among employees at corporations worldwide costs the global economy $150 billion annually,’ PwC and LinkedIn. (2014). ‘40% of employers say that lack of entry-level skills is the reason for job vacancies’ (McKinsey 2017).


Despite this evidence, education maintains their output is satisfactory for global needs – ‘on the other hand 72% of educators believe their students are adequately prepared.’ (McKinsey 2017).

The solution to The Skills Gap


  • Free learning, training and assessment of competencies for everyone
  • Free online comptency profile, securely stored and controlled by the individual
  • Free job matching for employees
  • New post-16 independent Skills Hubs, linking business and learning properly with business-approved competencies
  • Company tools and consultancy for managing culture change, performance, learning, talent management and recruitment
  • HQDC (Holistic Quantum Data Consilience) – a new profiling and data management system for people and companies

Introduction to Vivagogy