45% of today’s jobs will be changed by automation within ten years and millions of new jobs created.

 We need to change our learning systems to allow people to learn new skills faster.


People are turning to informal learning – ‘As for young people, the system is not working for most of them, either, 55% of youth feel that their education does not adequately prepare them for work.’ (McKinsey 2012).


Teachers cannot cope – ‘Estimates put the costs of teacher attrition at $7.3 billion a year.’ ‘46% of new teachers leave the profession within five years.’ (USA Forbes 2016).


Employers cannot find the people they need – ‘A lack of talent adaptability among employees at corporations worldwide costs the global economy $150 billion annually,’ PwC and LinkedIn. (2014). ‘40% of employers say that lack of entry level skills is the reason for job vacancies’ (McKinsey 2012).


Despite this evidence, education maintains their output is satisfactory for global needs – ‘on the other hand 72% of educators believe their students are adequately prepared.’ (McKinsey 2012).


myGogy is a complete information system connecting learning and employment – people, learning, skills, content and employers. It creates profiles of people and companies and makes matches by measuring all forms of learning in skills, and matching them to the right learning and jobs. This enables:
  • the individual to identify and acquire the skills they need fast
  • the business to create the right culture and find and accurately measure the whole person against job criteria as well as creating a culture which boosts turnover, profit and reduces costs
  • the teacher to find ways of enabling learning rather than teaching for better results
  • the education organisation to make the transition from teaching to learning and to understand what skills are needed for life and employment now

A learning operating system in a social network

A learning operating system links the needs of the employer to the skills profiles of the individual

The edigogy methodology, mygogy online environment and performgogy platform are the only ways to map formal and informal learning against competencies, knowledge, understanding, learning content and job competencies. Our systems enable better learning, teaching, assessment of all learning, people and their ability to perform and learn in any context which creates solutions for the Skills Gap.

Introduction to Vivagogy