The Fourth Industrial Revolution ‘is progressing at 10 times the speed of the first and having 300 times more impact’ (McKinsey)

Within 10 years, 45% of today’s jobs will be changed by automation, with millions of new jobs created.’


 We need to allow people to learn new skills faster and then find the right jobs.

The Solution



A Learning Ecosystem called myGogy

  • Free learning, training and assessment of competencies for everyone
  • A lifelong competency profile, securely stored and controlled by the individual, measuring transversal competencies
  • Free career advice and job matching for employees
  • Company tools and consultancy for managing culture change, performance, learning, talent management and recruitment
  • HQDC (Holistic Quantum Data Consilience) – a new profiling and data management system for people and companies which delivers micro-credentialling