Vivagogy is changing education, learning, training, recruitment, retention and management process

Post-Babyboomer generations are disengaged with formal education and 80% of their learning is informal. Informal learning is not recorded and companies face a huge problem recruiting, training and managing this group

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Why is a radical shift in education and learning needed?
It’s not working for the current generation.

What’s  the evidence?


As for young people, the system is not working for most of them, either, 55% of youth feel that they’re education does not adequately prepare them for work.’ (McKinsey 2012).


‘Estimates put the costs of teacher attrition at $7.3 billion a year.’ ‘Already 46% of new teachers leave the profession within five years.’ (USA Forbes 2016).


A lack of talent adaptability among employees at corporations worldwide costs the global economy $150 billion annually,’ PwC and LinkedIn. (2014). ‘40% of employers say that lack of entry level skills is the reason for job vacancies’ (McKinsey 2012).


Despite this evidence, education maintains their output is satisfactory for global needs, ‘on the other hand 72% of educators believe their students are adequately prepared.’ (McKinsey 2012).

The Vivagogy Concept

Understanding is essential to changing education, learning and solving The Skills Gap crisis

To solve these problems we need a complete and integrated process which links everyone beneficially at a low cost and which adds value to all the processes.


  • For learners, we measure all learning, formal, informal and incidental and translate these gains into competencies which link them with employers searching for these skills
  • For teachers, we support individual learning and better content
  • For education, we support new types of informal learning, assessment and learner and teacher motivation
  • For business, we improve the recruitment process as well as reducing the cost and support business culture change to better manage the new generation of employees.

Delivering Sustainable Learning and Training

A learning operating system linking the needs of the employer to the skills profiles of the individual

The edigogy methodology and mygogy online platform are the only way to map formal and informal learning against skills, knowledge, and understanding, learning content and job competencies defined by industry and commerce.

Introduction to Vivagogy